String Matching Untuk Penyesuaian Dosen Pembimbing Dengan Algoritma Boyer Moore

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String matcing is a technique of reading in this computer just as humans do from left to right or from right to left in several languages the faster someone reads more information is obtained. Adaptation of supervisors is important for academics and has been applied throughout the academic. However, if there are many students, it will certainly make it difficult for academics, the reason why it is necessary to adjust the supervisor so that the lecturers' research field can really be applied to students so that the supervisors provide guidance to students to gain broader knowledge due to the field of study. Besides that, the facilities are generally used so far using manuals requires a new information system for academics so as not to drain the mind and energy The adjustment of the thesis supervisor is designed to facilitate the academic, students and lecturers to be faster. The algorithm used in this system is to use the function of pulling information using string matching. Boyer more algorithm is reading a text from many texts and taking the bottom line or key of the text as information points. If later the adjustment of supervisors processes large data and is used continuously, this system really facilitates the academic parties to be integrated by utilizing fast and smart data, so that it only needs to develop the existing academic information system. Keywords: String Matching, Adjustment of Lecturers, Counselors, Boyer Moore Algorithms.