Aplikasi Kompresi GZip Pada Sistem Pemberkasan Digital Dokumen PKM Berbasis PHP

  • Universitas Harapan Medan
  • Universitas Harapan Medan


Documents of research and community dedication have become an inseparable part of a higher education institution. The documents usually stored digitally on a dedicated server or on several public servers or even stored locally. The number of digital documents will continue to increase over time so that the need for greater capacity will continue to emerge from time to time. To reduce the need of capacity requirements that continue to increase, it is necessary to have a compression feature that can be used to reduce document size so as to reduce storage requirements. In this study, a digital archieving system for research and community dedication documents was developed to that was not only used to manage these documents but also applied the Gzip compression module from the PHP library to help reduce storage consumption. Testing the implementation of Gzip on the compression of digital documents stored results in a compression ratio reaching 17.35% in docx documents and 12.02% in pdf documents. Keywords : Document, Digital, Compression, Gzip, PHP.